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EXCLUSIVE: "Messy Mitch" Clears the Air on Those Abi Moores Dating Rumors: "Were Just Friends...!"

Abi Moores & Mitch Taylor: What's Really Going On?

The rumor mill has been in overdrive ever since ex-Love Island couple Messy Mitch Taylor and Abi Moores were spotted on the red carpet together.

The Abi Situation:

Fans have been speculating that it was a romantic reunion between the two, but Mitch revealed their real status on after the island: "Obviously I put a story on and Abi put a story on our Instagrams. We went to a red carpet event and we were seen together, but that's just normal. I'll never rule out the future, but right now we're just friends, I think. I hope. I think I don't know. No, we're on very good terms. Obviously, me and Abi did end very badly. Like, couldn't apologize more on how badly I handled the situation. It's just messy Mitch being messy Mitch. But me and Abby are on really good terms, she's a really nice girl as well.

But, yeah, we're under the same management. We see each other all the time. Nothing's happening right now, but like I say, we don't know what will happen in the future." - Mitch on the After The Island Podcast

Watch the full interview with Mitch here:

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